International Anarchist Meeting 27-30 June 2003

19.May.03 - Topics during the International Anarchist Meeting in Warsaw

Eastern European anarcha-feminist meeting

A unique chance for anarcha-feminists to meet and coordinate. Meant as an open meeting/discussion, groups from around eastern europe (and elsewhere) are welcome to come, tell a little bit about their projects and discuss their experience. In addition, we'd like to put a number of issues on the agenda for discussion. If you have something you'd like to talk about, tell us! We'd like to get some texts/ideas from people BEFORE the meeting so that we can distribute them and other people can familiarize themselves with certain issues beforehand. Among the ideas we've heard so far are:

- mixed groups or women-only groups - do eastern european women have a different agenda - forms of international cooperation - the workers' movement for women - fighting sexism in our own environment/ movement (subtle and not so subtle) - is the EU going to improve women's situation - or not?

Anti-sexism: theory and practice

For beginners and especially for men. Same format as above. Discussion of the dynamics of gender. Experiences in fighting sexism. Experiences of mens and mixed groups, queer groups and gender benders.

The free software movement

Software resistance? Of course! A bit about the movement plus seminar with Dima Borodaenko.

Free Software Seminar - Main topics of discussion:
- freedom of information and traditions of free software developers;
- free software and free education: experience from Minsk Linux community;
- beginners intro to free software:
- source code and what you wanna do with it;
- Linux, Mozilla, Apache and other free projects;
- what's inside of Unix-like systems and how to use it;
- organization of development in large free project, by example of Debian GNU/Linux.

Any suggestions on desired topics and amount of information are most welcome!

Anarcho-syndicalists' meeting

Ideas and strategies for organizing. Find out who's doing what and how we may be able to help each other.

Presentation of groups/ initiatives and discussion.
- Workers' Rights in Different Eastern European Countries
- The Attack on the Labour Code
- What European Integration means for workers. (In the EU, future EU and outside the EU.)
- International Image Pollution Campaigns

Put your issue on the agenda! Write us and make your suggestions!

Computers for sabotage and resistance

Strategies from around the world. No-Borders campaigns,, fax bombs, do-it-yourself media.

Presentations followed by open discussion.

Eastern european networking

The title speaks for itself. We also expect guests from almost all networking projects - from alter-ee, to Abolishing the Borders from Below... even the defunct Neither East Nor West may come back to life at this informal meeting.

Bring material for exhibits.

We would also like to make a virtual exhibit on our web pages! We need help with this but we think it's time the alter-ee page got a SERIOUS makeover. This can last for many years as a monument to all your hard work and activism so do contact us about this. During the conference we would like people to be able to access info about all the initiatives and people who may be there.

The campaign against the EU and border politics

The issues in the campaign against the EU. Information about the EU from Laure A (and friends).The anti-EU campaign in Bialystok and elsewhere. Fortress Europe and border politics in the East. Presentations followed by discussion.

- The economic agenda of the EU
- The EU and food politics
- The EU and supergovernmental rule
- The Acquis Communitaire