Demonstration at the paris-orly airport

29.Apr.03 - On a call from the Collectif Anti-Expulsions about forty people demonstrated Sunday morning at the Orly South airport from which deportations, especially to the Maghreb and Turkey take place. (One of Kurds of Turkey on hunger strike in Bordeaux has been deproted; his application for asylum had been rejected as "manifestly unfounded"; a militant of the then legal HADEP part, he had been condemned in Turkey two 24 years in jail which he is now serving.)

The demonstration lasted over two hours with the slogans "Deported foreigners are assassinated foreigners", "No to the deportations, regularizations of all sans-papiers". The airport was decorated with stickers, especially the desk of FRAM, a tour operator which is the main patron of Euralair, which rents charters for the expulsions. The same slogans in Arab, Kurd and Turk were sent to the ceiling of the hall of the airport.