camping2003: noborder tour 03

15.May.03 - During the upcoming three months another chain of noborder-camps, conferences and antisummit-mobilisations will take place all over europe (see calendar). A wide range of Groups, initiatves and individuals involved in the noborder-network, will participate in or even initiate these activities.

The activities around these events wil be covered on the noborder website in the upcoming months. we will try to make availbele news, impressions and ressources, link to other sources of information and provide information regarding radio and video streams from these events.

On a more concrete level two two groups, the 'publix-theater-caravan' and the 'temporary association everyone is an expert', are preparing bus tours that aim to provide a means of direct connection and communication between the various projects.

The noborder network is commited to manifest itself throughout this chain of events by focussing on three common threads that are to be adressed in all projects:

- globalisation and modernisation of the borderregime, (including the campaign against IOM and a new video-film about this transnational agency of 'migration mangement') - for an introduction read the background article 'the globalisation of migration control'

- the relationship between migration and work (a text with thesis and common questions will be published here soon);

- the relationship between freedom of movement and freedom of information.