Meanwhile at an Air France counter in Frankfurt...

Deportation to Cameroon preliminarily prevented

17.Feb.03 - This morning at 0725 anti racist activists prevented the deportation of an activist of the Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC) and Southern Cameroon Youth League (SCYL) that was scheduled to take place with an Air France flight from Frankfurt. About 50 activists had come to the Air France counter to stop the deportation. They informed the passengers, the flight crew and the pilot about the forceful deportation of Kugo Oginia that was about to happen on their flight and made clear that she would try to resist her deportation. The passengers were also informed about the recent deaths of deportees on Air France flights. on of the activists also bought a ticket for the flight so that he would be able to influence the situation aboard of the plane.
The pilot agreed to directly ask ms. Ogina if she was willing to travel or not. Some minutes later it was announced that she had been brought of the plane. According to the German border police Kugo Oginia has been retransferred to her place of residence in Germany.