Expulsion of noborder activist - support needed!

05.Mar.02 - After the events in Malaga during the last weeks (i.e. camp against the deportation of the detained immigrants in Almeria, eviction of the camp and police charge, the arrest of two comrades and the deportation order against one of them), the latest news are not really surprising.
Today, Friday 22nd of February 2002, Nicholas went to the "Brigada de Extranjer╠a" (Foreign Affairs Department) of the Central Police Station of Malaga, obeying a notification of appointment he was sent some days earlier. He was going to be notified about the outcome of his deportation order.

First, the police officers hand the comrade and his lawyer the notification of the order to leave the country, and to stay out for three years.

Seeing this, the lawyer confronts the police officers, asserting that they (the Police) had received the documents appealing the expulsion in due time, two days after receiving the initial order of expulsion, and that those documents were presented and registered at the police station. The police officers, with a surprised attitude, stated that they did not know about the existence of these allegations.
After a small argument among them, the police took "from their hands" the deportation order and told them that the file was going to be taken back in order to study the allegations in detail and carry out its resolution later on.

As measures of caution, the comrade needs to show up on the 1st and 15th day of every month at the police station until further notice.

The events that happened since the beginning of the process show us a clear abuse of authority on the part of the political, police (et al) machinery. We cannot but put these events into the context of criminalisation and cut of fundamental rights and freedoms which have come upon us in recent times, after the events of Genoa, of 11th of September, and the present Spanish presidency of the UE. It's getting more and more clear that the maximum of security for citizens is becoming the excuse that the powers to be use to disturb, criminalize and wear away the energies of social movements.

Thus, from diverse groups from Malaga, we are requesting your support, active solidarity and cooperation to confront this barbarism that is nothing but one more example of the consequences of the present moment in time. In the face of this, more than ever, and expecting other possible consequences in the short or in the long term, we need to strengthen our networks of communication, co-operation and solidarity.

How you acn cooperate with this campaign?

1.-Economic support: the expenses in lawyers and communications (faxes, photocopies, telephone, etc) are overwhelming for us. For that reason we are asking for the support of all organizations, groups, people with access to any kind of resources.

Bank Account no.:2100 2388 50010019 4450


Address: C/Mendez NuĎez 4


(code for transfers of money within Europe:)
caixerbb661+ account no.
2. - Lobbying support: We need all kinds of organisations (political parties, unions, NGOs, social collectives, etc.) to assert publicly their opposition to criminalisation of social movements and, specifically, to the deportation of the comrade NicolĚs Sguiglia, by letters, press conferences, press releases, activities of support and massive faxing to the following addresses:

- Sub delegate of the Central Government in MĚlaga 952213689 y 952227625

- Town party group of PP (Popular Party, the party in power in the Spanish Government) in MĚlaga 952135443

- Agencia EFE (news agency) 952289898

- Grupo PRESS (media group) 952608497

- Canal Sur (Andalusian TV channel) 951039113

- La Opini█n de MĚlaga (local newspaper) 952126555

- El Mundo (national newspaper) 913048766

- Cadena Ser (national radio broadcaster) 952307812

- El Pa╠s (national newspaper) 952362177