noborder-zone Graz 19.3.-24.3.2002

15.Mar.02 - In the last year the slogan and the demand 'noborder nonation' represented a focus, which related Austrian resistant formations with global protest movements. This year the poltical and cultural network-collective noborder (with activists from the PublixTheatreCaravane, the independent Videocollective 'The art of the hour is resistance' Plattform for a world without racism / 'mayday 2000, free radio orange/helsinki, indymedia) is organising and creating a videoprogramm within the austrian Filmfestival Diagonale and a independent Mediaproject in public space: the noborder-Zone.

Greater international exchange promotes anti-racist and anti-national cultural realtions and concreticises resistant work. The contents are continuously altered in the context of globalisation: Independent Mediawork, network of demonstrations, direct actions are manifestations against the international Project of deportation and exclsuions.
The creation of a counter-publicity means also that monitoring events is part of political action with concrete demands and aims.

The videoprogramm noborder-nonation, that is featured for the first time in the Austrian Filmfestival Diagonale (19.3.-14-3-2002, Schubertkino2), includes the two titels: 'Summer of resistance' and 'For the Right for the freedom of movement.': One Video reviews the first 'Anti-globalisation demonstration' in the wake of the much publicised demonstrations in Seattle, Prag, Davos, Quebec and Gothenborg. Further subject is the G8-Meeting in Genova and also the international noborder actions, in which the PublixTheatreCaravane was one project. A special discurse emphasises a contribution from the Czech Republic: In september 2000 demonstrations against the IWF Worldbank meeting took palce authentic discussions in the 'Global Village Carnival'.

The 'noborder-Zone' (21.-23.3.2002) in the inner city of Graz (Tummelplatz), which will run concurrently with The Diagonale filmfestival, includes a comprehensive programm with the multiple Theme: 'Globalisation Migration Resistance.' This is intended as an expansion of the mediaproject in public space: In the noborder-Zone you can visit in 2 Busses and a container a videolounge, an exhibition and a info-media center for multimedia reports via radio, video and audio-streams. Streetparties, public cooking and performances will be also part of the stream of events. Every evening from 10pm on, there will be a noborder-afterhour at the studentrooms on University of Graz with djanes and visuals. On saturday 'the Lie of performance' will be presented by the PublixTheatre in the Uni-T-Conatiner.
Furthermore a discussion with the topic 'Where is Marcus Omofuma?' will take place on 19th of March at the Forum Stadtpark: The Trial of the three policeofficers, accused of responsibility for Omofuma¥s death, began on March 4th 2002.

The aim of the project is to create counter publicity as an important meaning of political awareness building: noborder nonation no one is illegal for the right for the freedom of movement.

The noborder-Zone, which is planned to be also stationed in Strasbourg at the time of the international noborder action camp against the SIS (Schengen Information System) in July 2002, is a collective project within the international noborder-network and is supported in Graz by Diagonale, forum stadtpark, rotor, Radio Helsinki, mayday 2000, ÷H,


di 19.3:
- noborder - nonation 1 'F¸r das Recht auf Freiheit von Bewegung!' 16h /Videopräsentation und Diskussion / Diagonale-Schubertkino - Eröffnung - This is what democracy looks like! ( Oliver Ressler, A 2002, 30 Min.)
- kein mensch ist illegal ( , D 2000, 4 Min)
- (VolxTheaterKarawane, A 2002, 45 Min)

-noborder - Zone: 'Wo ist Marcus Omofuma?' Diskussion - 19:30h forum Stadtpark
Ab 4. März 2002 bis mitte april 2002 läuft der prozess gegen die 3 beamten der fremdenpolizei, die am tod marcus omofumas schuld sein sollen. eine zwischenbilanz des laufenden verfahrens.
Charles Ofoedu (Schriftsteller, Die Bunten), Bukasa di Tutu (ICAP, International Centre for African Perspektives), Kerstin Andrae (Politaktivistin, Linkswende), Lennart Binder (Rechtsanwalt, GEMMI), Moderation: Tina Leisch.

mi 20.3:
- noborder - nonation 2 'Summer of resistance!' 16h /Diagonale-Schubertkino
-The Voice (wr, A 2002, 30Min)
- G8 Genua 2001 ( kanalb nr10 spezial:, D 2001, 30 Min)
- noborder - nonation - Frankfurtcamp 2001 (Ag Wiesenvideo/trojan tv, D/NL 2001)

do 21.3:
- Aufbau und Start der noborder-Zone am Tummelplatz:
- Kleinbus-Ausstellung
- Mediacenter und Radiostation
- Videothek und Bar: Doppeldeckerbus

noborder - nonation 3: 'Global Village Carnival' 13:30/Diagonale-Schubertkino - Hry prachu / Dust Games (Martin Marecek, CZ 2001, 86 Min)
- Bilder-Opposition
- Zur Lage des politischen Kinos. Moderation: Oliver Marchart. Podium: Lisl Ponger, Florian Schneider, Michael Glawogger) Ort: Festivalzentrum Stadtmuseum. Diagonale-Diskussion - 16:00 / mit Beteiligung noborder-Zone Gäste

20:30h : noborder-Zone / Tummeplatz: Become the media, abolish borders! Vorstellung/Eröffnung/Diskussion/ Präsentation div. Projekte (Mod.:Gerald Raunig) (bei Schlechtwetter indoor)

- noborder-Zone-abend Afterhour-meeting-party(djs, videos) Uni/÷H-Räume

fr. 22.3.
- noborder - nonation 1: 16h / Diagonale-Schubertkino 'F¸r das Recht auf Freiheit von Bewegung!'
- noborder-Zone/Tummelplatz: 12h bis 22h
- Ausstellung - Videothek, - Workshops,- Medienzentrum

noborder-reclaim the street: ab 15h Strassenfest und Umzug /mayday2000 mit dj-line, infos, Radio Helsinki- live - noborder-Zone-abend Afterhour-meeting-party(djs, videos) Uni/÷H-räume

sa 23.3.
- noborder - nonation 2: 16h /Diagonale-Schubertkino 'Summer of resistance!'
noborder-Zone/Tummelplatz: 12 - 22h - Ausstellung - Videothek, Workshops, Medienzentrum, Radio
-noborder-reclaim the street: ab 14h Strassenfest : 'Grenzenh¸pfen' - Performance
- noborder-Zone -abend Abschlussparty/VolxtheaterSoli: Uni- T-Kontainer und ÷H-Räume - - Lie of performance/Volxtheater (Kontainer) -Djs (Uniräume) .

so 24.3.
- noborder - nonation 3: 13:30/Diagonale-Schubertkino 'Global Village Carnival'
- Hry prachu / Dust Games (Martin Marecek, CZ 2001, 86 Min)