Actions against migration management in FR, UK & B

20.Oct.02 - In the context of the noborder action week against migration management actions took place in Dover, Sangatte, Paris and Belgium today. In Dover activists demonstrated against the local 'Immigration Removal Centre', blocking the entrance for a while. Later they joined a demonstrations on the French side of the channel in Sangatte against the closure of the refugees camp and in nearby Coquelles against the extension of the detention centre.
In Paris the local IOM office was decorated with a big poster stating 'Closed forever because of freedom of circulation and settlement' and in Belgium Activists claimed to have stopped a Eurostar Train 'in protest against the locking up of undocumented foreigners' and as a sign of support to those demonstrating in Coquelles and Dover

Report form Sangatte

The humanitarian red cross camp at Sangatte will stop admitting people on November 15th and is due to be closed between December 02 and March 03. The IOM used to have staff at the red cross camp, and has now handed over to another organisation. According to IOM Paris, the first transport to Afghanistan is leaving this week.
During the demo, a group of aliens arrived in a massive bus, and asked for entry to the camp. [sse below] They were refused by the police line, so made their way back through the crowd, exchanging some interplanetary hugs, then tried to thumb a lift. As no car stopped, they sadly boarded their bus and left. We were not allowed to enter the camp for a visit at the IOM. But hundreds of refugees joined us in front of the camp, mainly young men from Irak and Afghanistan. If they leave the robo-cop-policed camp, they have to give their fingerprints, as well as on their way back. They were very interested in the IOM newsletter and our info-leaflets - in the camp is no radio, no newspapers, only two hours TV without sound and evidently no internet. They only know rumours about the closure of Sangatte and what will happen to those who are already there.
Most people were willing to tell their stories to the indymedia radio crew and the present mainstream reporters. One guy from Afghanistan has lost both parents, three little brothers and sisters are somewhere in Pakistan. He said he is here not to improve his situation, but to save his life. Another man said that he fears for his life if he has to go back to Irak. Every day, many go towards the ferry or the Eurotunnel, trying to cross the channel clinging to trains or hiding in vans. If they don't manage, they go back the next day. "See you in London" was the greeting we got when we had to leave.

Aliens seek refuge at Sangatte

Clutching just a few basic belongings, refugees from outerspace arrived at the gates of the Sangatte refugee camp hoping to find shelter. Turned away by french riot Police they then tried to hitch a lift to Calais, again to no avail. After exchanging some interplanetary hugs with the refugees already resident at the camp our extra-terrestial asylum seekers returned to their ship (cunningly disguised as a coach) and went on to try and find somewhere more welcoming. "Europe is even more shit than we expected" commented one. Ok, so they were really a theatre group from Calais but the point was well made and well recieved by everyone present, especially the real refugees.

Protest against Dover Immigration Removal Centre

An action called by Kent Commitee to defend Asylum Seekers drew dozens of activists to Dover for a protest against The Dover Immigration Removal Centre. This is a former prison which now holds asylum seekers in conditions that have been condemned by a number of organisations. The demonstraters blocked the entrance for a while and heard speeches by a number of people from related campaigns.