Invitation to a meeting on migration during the esf

The Table on Migrants of the Social Forum invites the european networks on migrants to a meeting which will take place during the European Social Forum in Florence.

22.Sep.02 - Last year, during the demonstrations against the the g8 summit in Genoa, something important has happened in the history of the global movement which has developed with renewed force starting from the initiatives of Seattle in November 1999 against the WTO.
For the first time, the issues of migration and the claims of migrants didn't appear in a secondary position in the debates and in the initiatives of the movement: the demonstration of the 19th July on the contrary put them in the centre of the political agenda of those days, pointing at them as strategic elements for the future of the movement.
From those days on many things happened. On the global level the attention for the issues of migration has increased inside the movement: in the beginning we started to discuss an understanding of the migrants movements that bound them unilaterally amongst the miseries drove by the neoliberist globalisation, now we have started to understand their subjective richness. Last year In Italy the demonstration of the 19th July has been the point of reference inside a rich path of struggles that has involved the whole movement against the new law on migration proposed by the right government. This racist law has been approved by the Parliament but the statement of this year is not totally negative: first of all we have seen a big grow of the protagonism and of the partecipation of the migrants (who have also expressed in the organisation of the first general strike of the migrants workers in Vicenza on the 15th May); second, the political debate on the meaning of migrations has intensified very much inside the movement. The Table on migrants of the Social Forum that has constituted itself after the demo in Genoa last year, is now a consolidated reality and prepares itslef to promote a big campaign of boycot the Bossi Fini law.
It is however clear to us that in presence of powerful ties on the european level of the politics and legislations of the countries members of the EU, the initiative inside the border of one national State clashes with impassable limits.
The conquest of the movements which work on migration of a european dimension is a task which we have to fulfill with urgency. "The fight to the illegal migration", the militarisation of the borders of the European Union, the tie of the foreign politics and of the cooperation to the collaboration of the "third" countries in the repression of the migration fluxus, the reduction of the migrants to subjects without rights, to use as low cost working force when the economic contingency ask it, these are the priorities assumed by the european governments in Tampere, in Laeken, in Siviglia. But these are not ours priorities.
The european social forum which will take place in Florence in the beginning of Novemeber can be an extraordinary opportunity. We intend to do the possible to get it and we propose to all the networks, all the realities in Europe which works with migrants and on migrants issues, to organise a big assembly possibly on the opening day of the forum so that we could toghether plan common campaigns and initiatives against the securitist approach which characterizes the european politics for an idea of a political civil and social not excluding citizenship, for a full garancy of the right of asylum. We believe that the migrants movements can give a crucial contribute to the debate on the building of a Europe of the movements, putting in discussion the possibility that this will redifine itself on the borders of the Europe of Schengen and spreading it towards east and south. We hope we could count on your partecipation Greetings

Il Tavolo migranti dei social forum italiani

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