13.10: Action Day against Migration Management

07.Sep.02 - "Against Global Migration Management - For Freedom of Movement" is the slogan of the noborder-network's call for decentraliced actions around the 13th of october 2002. in the tradition of the cation days that started three years ago, in october 1999 during the special eu-summit in Tampere about asyl and migration. This year we want to continue with a particular focus on the racist selection of "useful and unwanted migrants" by the european borderregime, against the institutions, which are involved in its implementation, and against the process of eu-enlargement, which will establish new hierarchies and new forms of exclusion.

one of the most important transnational agencies of border and migration management is the international organisation of migration (iom) with its offices all over the world. on this background noborder-groups from different european countries decided already to make iom to a main target of this years action day. [more on the IOM]