Meanwhile in France... [arcade strike update]

09.Aug.02 - The strike has been lasting five months now. On July 29th, an executive of the ACCOR group met a delegate of the strikers. He told her that he will study the matter and see what he can do.

It may be one more way to make things last till the strikers give in, but it is one of the very few positive moves of the multinational corporation in this endless conflict. Some people think that the "advertising" whichh ACCOR group received in Strasbourg may have helped.


ACCOR, one of the first corporations in tourism worldwide has subcontracted part of the cleaning of the rooms to the firm Arcade. The terms of the contract are such that Arcade cheats its workers by forcing them illegally to do unpaid extra hours of work. A number of them, African women some documented and some undocumented went on strike.
We also exposse ACCOR as a piece of the deporting machine. They rent rooms to lock up foreigners pending their deprtation and have a monopole on the reservation of transport and hotel reservations for deportations. Incidentally the Mercure hotel next to the Strasbourg camp which accomodated our nice neighbours in blue is a subsidiary of ACCOR.