How to mirror the deportation.class exibition

Lufthansa AG wants to ban an online exhibition. The incriminated graphical works have been on exhibit since May of this year both on the World Wide Web , and as part of a travelling exhibition. Artists from all over Germany took part in a poster contest at the beginning of this year. "Kein Mensch ist illegal" had invited artists to design posters criticising the role of Lufthansa AG in deportations (see

The activists from the "no one is illegal" network will not be intimidated by Lufthansa's threat with a long and expansive lawsuit. They will continue to exhibit the posters online and offline. Additionally Internet providers from all over the world have offered to mirror the exhibition with the title "Deportation.Class".

If you have decided to help Lufthansa better to understand, how to behave in a globalized world, you might think about mirroring the Deportation.Class exhibition on your own webserver.

Mirroring is pretty easy:

[note: With the end of Lufthansa's legal proceedings against "kein mensch ist illegal" the campaign to mirror the deportation class poster exibition has been stopped. Therfore the archives of the exibition have been removed from this site. If you want to visit the exibition go to one of the adresses listed below.]

The deportation.class poster exibition is currently showing at the following adresses:

Kunsthaus Exnergasse in Vienna

(first check this site: and leave the DNS System behind...)