In this section you will find links to other websites that work together with the deportation alliance and that contain more information about deportations, migration and anti-racism.

Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants: In summer 98 the caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants went through 44 cities all over Germany

Sans Papiers: Website of the french sans papiers movement. The ongoing struggle of undocumented people started in march 96, when 300 migrants occupied a church in Paris and brought their case to the public.

Autonoom Center Amsterdam: Homepage of the autonomous centre containing extensive information about European migration policies and other issues

Pro Asyl: Hompage of the german organisation ‘ProAsyl’. This website offers contains information concerning the situation of refugees in germany.

Legal Handbook for Refugees: A Practical Guide Through German Asylum and Alien Law. Also available in German and French

Cross the Border: German site, covering anti-racist actions

Kein Mensch ist Illegal: Homepage of the ‘Kein Mensch ist illegal’ network Hompage of the European noborder network of antiracist groups and activists.

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