2 april 2005: european actionday for freedom of movement and the right to stay

31.Jan: European Action Day

25.Jan.04 - next Saturday has been proclaimed 'European day of struggles for the regularization (of sans papiers) and for the closure of all detention centers for foreigners' by a number of different action groups during last years European Social Forum (see the common declaration).
For this day actions have been announced in France (Paris, Lille, Perpignan, Nanterre, Nantes, Rennes, Amiens, Grenoble, Palaiseau, Lyon, Calais, Marseille & Tours), Italy (Roma, Torino & Caltanisetta (Scicily)), Germany (Frankfurt, München, Bremen & Göttingen), Switzerland (Fribourg, Genève, Lausanne & Bern), Belgium (Bruxelles), Austria (Vienna), the United Kingdom (London, Oxford, Lindhome, Liverpool, Hull & Campsfield), Spain (Barcelona, Malaga & Madrid) & Greece (Thessaloniki & Athens). We hope to have first reports from the various actions available on this site during the upcoming weekend.


On 31st january local groups are planning a demonstration in vienna. it will start at the omofuma-memorial (marcus omofuma was killed by austrian police during his deportation flight to nigeria on 1 may 1999) and the end will be at one of the viennese deportation prisons. the action is more theatrical, all people taking part will be handcuffed and chained.

United Kingdom

5 Demonstrations in the UK as part of the European-wide days of 'Actions against Detention of Asylum Seekers and for Migrant Rights'

Protest Outside Parliament - Friday 30th January (1100h @ St Stephens Gate Parliament to call for a "Blunkett Amnesty"  unconditional, for all asylum seekers and those migrants without status)

Protest at the Daily Mail - Friday 30th January (1730h @ Daily Mail, Derry Street). The Mail, with its 100-year history of anti-immigration propaganda, has helped set the government's asylum agenda.

Mass leaflet Waterloo Station - Saturday 31 January (0200h @ the concourse clock). Waterloo Station's "Reception Centre" alongside the Eurostar Terminal is one of the main symbols of the government's anti-asylum seeker apparatus

Noise Demo @ Lindholme Removal/Detention Centre Saturday 31st January (1200h @ Tyrham Hall Hotel, South Yorkshire, on the A614 south of Hatfield Woodhouse) more

Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre - Saturday 31 January (1200h @ Langford Lane, Kidlington) more: www.closecampsfield.org.uk.


As part of Global radio, a guerrilla communication project in Italy we're preparing the day of the 31 January, european day against detention centers and for the rights of migrants. Globalradio has been in Paris during the last esf, in Puglia to follow the noborder camp and now wants to follow all the demonstrations and actions that will happen on that day, streaming the events on the web site and on the satellite. Some friends from Malaga (who organised the tarifa border camp) and  from France have already communicated their desire to take part to the radio broadcast on that day. In italy the migrant national working group toghether with social centers, desobedients and other political forces are organising two big demos on that day, one in Rome and one in Torrno.

Malaga, Spain

Groups from Malaga (ES) are calling for an action against the malaga detenction center, the only one in the south of the Spanish State. With this call they continue with their permanent campaign to make dissapear this space of war in the city. See reports of earlier actions here. Compañer+s from  networks and movements from all over andalucia will participe on this mobilization. Hopefully there will be a direct emission of radiomadiaq from the action in malaga to all over europe through www.globalradio.it RadioMadiaq is another communicative dispositiv to build and connect movement from the two sides of the strait (estrecho) of gibraltar. It is part of this grass-roots diplomacy project called estrecho.indymedia.org

Frankfurt, Germany: Papers Royal

The Association for Legalization invites you to join us for a A European Day of Action against the internment of migrants in detention centres and for the legalization of all migrants.

There could be 500,000.00 or there could be one million people in Germany and millions in Europe who live with insufficient or no papers and legal status. There might be 2 or 5 million people who voluntarily or inadvertently support or live with them. In any case, we are here among you.

At the last social forum in Paris/Saint Denis 2003 the first joint declaration was signed by migrant organizations from all over Europe, including "Tavolo Migranti del Social Forum Italiani", the "Coordination Nationale des Sans Papiers" from France and the German "Association for Legalization". According to the statement a joint day of action will take place on January 31, 2004: against the system of detention camps and deportation prisons and for the legalization of all migrants without papers.

And there is more to it: the undersigned organizations demand full and unrestricted human rights for all migrants in Europe. In their analysis, the disenfranchisement of the Sans Papiers represents only the tip of the iceberg. Deportations and racist controls, illegalization and discrimination are but differing degrees of the same hierarchical scale representing migrants' living circumstances. In the hierarchy the Sans Papier is an expression of the dimension of precariousness that has become the very structure of this world. The borders between undocumented and regular workers are becoming increasingly porous.

The Association for Legalization is mobilizing the republic with a series of events and creating a network at a European level, with the goal of creating change. Ordinary and extraordinary social circles are invited to join us and become official associates or silent partners of the Association for Legalization. We write essays, produce music, show films and perform on stage as well as organize direct action in the city. The events will speak to the everyday struggles of local migrants and refugees as they attempt to find work, a place to live, an education and health care all the while fighting for basic rights such as to mobility. There is an opportunity for political expression and for new partners to bring their own ideas and develop new areas of business for the Association and establish new branches. The Association is not looking for a quick gamble. We are a global enterprise that wants to expand and prepare for a different future. The profit to be gained is a different society. Become a partner or associate. Subscribe for shares. Organize!

As the Frankfurt Branch of the Association for Legalization we invite you to join us on January 31, 2004 at 2:00 p.m. at the Roemer for a European Day of Action for Legalization and against detention centres.

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