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Peoples' Global Action at Strasbourg - a sketchy program

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17.Jul.02 - With the next European conference coming up (31aug-4sep) and preparations gathering pace, we would like to present and discuss the conference at the Strasbourg Noborder camp. The program of the conference is organized by the participants themselves. That's why we try to give everybody the information they need to plug in and start working on it. The program is still a little bit sketchy, that is because we don't know how the situation with facilities is at the camp. We hope to get more clarity at the camp itself, where we'll try to keep everybody updated.

On Sunday afternoon there will be a preparation/coordination meeting with everybody that has ideas or would like to help organizing around PGA in Strasbourg.There will be space for your own initiatives connected to the conference or to the PGA. It would be nice to discuss what we want out of this conference and what should be in it. Especially the analysis and strategies part of the program is still underdeveloped and really needs input and ideas. What strategical discussions would bring the network forward and how do we organise them? If need be we can plan small meetings specifically on the organisation of the program of the conference.

On monday afternoon there will be a presentation of the conference and the concept and history of the global PGA network. A call for that will shortly follow.