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We are constantly expanding and improving our Deportation Class service, which remains the most economical way to travel the globe. With Lufthansa Deportation Class you can now reach dozens of exciting destinations worldwide - Tunis, Damascus, Jakarta, Alma Ata, Harare, Lima, Quito.... And the destinations are only half the attraction!

When you use Deportation Class to travel to dozens of cities in thirty-five countries, you can subtract a very substantial discount from the lowest published rate. What's more, when booked for your Deportation Class flight, you will automatically participate in our inaugural program. In addition to our extraordinarily low fares, you will benefit from the following services:

- After your special cargo area check-in, border police officers will help you through a separate gate into the high security deportee sector.

- While restrained, you will enjoy special privileges such as seating priority, access to to exclusive lounges, and even an increased luggage allowance.

- After you board, you will be provided with a special helmet allowing you to take advantage of internal multimedia entertainment.

- You will adjust to the delights of your travel destination in an atmosphere relaxed by obligatory sedative usage.

- After being booked in Lufthansa's Deportation Class, you will be driven in a specially protected vehicle from your home to the airport, completely free of charge.

It couldn't be easier...
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